What Is An Autoresponder

& How Do You Use It? 
(4 Training Videos Below)


Hello Again –

         Almost every Internet Marketing expert says: ‘There are 3 things you must have to get your online business growing: ‘Hosting’, a ‘Capture Page’ & an ‘Autoresponder.

         An ‘Autoresponder’ is the tool you use to ‘Automatically’ follow-up with your prospects.  It serves many other functions as well.    


   There are many IM & MLM Marketing & Capture Page Systems online today & more will be created in the future.  

   The better ones allow you to plug in your own Autoresponder Service. Some of these membership sites allow many different options while most allow only a few options (such as Aweber or Getresponse).  

    Since ‘Aweber’ is the most used service, I thought it would be most helpful to provide a quick & easy to understand tutorial on how to use Aweber.  

   Once you understand how this popular tool works, you will be able to move around any such service.




     Click on each link below to walk through the video tutorials

       Click Here To Watch Video #1

        Click Here To Watch Part 2  

     Click Here To Watch Part 3

     Click Here To Watch Part 4


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       I hope you have found these short tutorials very helpful.  When I first started online, I had no idea what an Autoresponder was, or even what you did with it.  

       As a result, I did many things the hard way.  You don’t need to struggle that way, thanks to this short training.

Talk Again Soon

– Terry
Terry Hatchell

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