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Text-Ad-Example    When it comes to getting ‘Traffic’ to your offers, most Marketing Hopefuls suffer, only because they don’t have a lot of  money for Google Style ‘Pay-Per-Click’  Advertising (which can be very expensive)!

  A ‘Text-Ad’ is simply an advertisement, that’s similar to those Classified Ad you’ve seen in Newspapers (and Banners are simple display ads).

Currently, they show up on websites that are owned by hundreds of different Publishers, so it’s a great method to reach tons of new eye balls.


   This short article ‘Is Not’ referring to ‘Text Ads that are sent to your Mobile Phone’.


Don’t Have Hundreds To Spend?

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    I’ve seen this around, but didn’t pay much attention.
Then one day a friend was good enough to show me the
proof. Watch this:


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